Our story

Tradition is future.

We are a family run business, born from the desire to obtain an excellent product, handled with care by passionate people.

We research, we select our raw materials. We work, we look after and we supervise them cautiously.

That’s how we assure to our clients a higher quality standard that escalates with time.

Our aim is to transmit to whoever will try our prosciutti: the passion we put, the technology we use and the tradition we embody and carry on.

The experience of the mother and the energy of the daughter

In Italy, being a businessman is very difficult, but the real challenge is being a businesswoman. In Italian the word “battle” is a feminine noun, and so is “victory”, “perseverance” and “humility”, and for all these reasons we want to be fighters.

Today, more than in any other historical moment, being a woman makes a difference and we won’t hold back.
We are a female family business, with all its strengths and uniqueness.

“Long live the females,
long live good wine,
support and glory of humanity.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Our manufactures

“Protected Denomination of Origin” (P.D.O.), it’s what makes our products different.
Therefore, we have two teams, two locations, but a unique perspective.

Manifattura Eli Prosciutti

Eli Prosciutti Spa

Based in Traversetolo (PR)

“We are young on paper, but we have a legendary heart”

Since 2004 we’ve been able to merge the knowledge of our wise hands with the most advanced technologies, striving for excellence in each and every prosciutto Eli.

Manifattura Eli Prosciutti


Based in San Daniele del Friuli (UD)

“Small but determined”

How many people do you need to forge the perfect Prosciutto di San Daniele? 5 people.
We are a small team that collaborates as a prompt and harmonious orchestra.